What You Need to Know About Accounting Firms

Many people choose to seek the help of accounting firms for the management of either their personal finances or their business finances. Accounting firms can ease the stress of making certain decisions in regards to your finances, and will give you access to excellent advice and advisory services. Working with a highly trained, professional accountant […]

The Accountant vs. Accounting for Small Business Software

There should be no doubt that accounting for small business is vital to the continued success of running the company. Accounting is the only way to keep track of all incoming and outgoing money. There are two different ways that people choose to keep track of all of their records and accounting data; accountants and […]

Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Care About Accounting

Nonprofits do a lot of amazing things for people in our society. Nonprofits range from organizations such as charities, social service agencies, sports and arts programs, even nutrition and lunch programs. They are essentially a business that is dedicated to the public good and their primary vision is not to make a profit and expand […]

What’s New in Accounting Outsourcing?

For today’s businesses, accounting outsourcing is the new trend. More companies are using it, and more are using it for an increasing amount of services. The best reason for this is because no matter how big or small your firm, administrative duties take staff time that could be better used elsewhere. Accounting outsourcing is here […]

How to Make Accounting for a Small Business More Effective

Your company’s accounting firm could be the answer to expanding your company, as well as optimizing profit. If you are an owner or manager of a small business, you should know that you will require timely and accurate financial information in order to succeed. One way of doing this is by using cloud-based technology for […]

Education for International Accounting

Recently, the IAESB (International Accounting Education Standards Board) released an exposure draft of its 2014-2016 Strategy and Work Plan. The plan states “the IAESB is proposing to provide implementation guidance, engage in advocacy, and contribute to capacity building within the accounting profession. This scope of work is intended to enhance the public confidence in the […]

Becoming More Profitable with Better Accounting for Law Firms

Is your law firm making enough profit? Probably not, but that’s not because you are not working hard; it’s very likely because you are not working on profit management; you are working for your clients. Turning a profit requires strict attention to the money making side of things, and that is one place where you […]

CFO Services are Important for Business

What are CFO services? What does the role of the Chief Financial Officer include? A CFO’s duties are quite varied and it is a position that demands a lot of organization, multi-tasking and flexibility. Some responsibilities CFO services may include, are: Implementing and overseeing month-end financial preparation and close process; Completing and/or approving staff accountants […]